The Top 5 Defecation Chambers and Urination Stations in Atlanta

Greetings! Today I decided to finally sit down and compile a very specific but comprehensive BEST OF list. My Email in-box has been absolutely flooded lately with requests for this article and it’s about time I write the dang thing! Without further ado – you asked for it and now you’re getting it. This is a list of the TOP 5 Defecation Chambers and Urination Stations in Atlanta!

            First of all, let me start off by stating the obvious: urination stations and defecation chambers are NOT places where people use the bathroom. As such, this is NOT an article about the best and worst restrooms in Atlanta. I want to make it perfectly clear that Urination Sations (US) and Defecation Chambers (DC) are places in which members of the US/DC community conduct various activities and transactions. These various actions take place in accordance with a strict system of customs and norms based within this said community. Those ‘in the know’ will be acutely aware of this and of the common misconception that these places are environments for defecating and urinating. I could go on for pages explaining what US and DC’s are but I will not – there are plenty of articles out there already that do just that. A simple google search will suffice if you are one of the ill-informed. Ok – onto the list!


  1. Bartholomew’s Chamber – 1286 South Peatchree Blvd Lane SE

I first stumbled into Bartholomew’s Defecation Chamber a few years ago while on a brisk walk down Peachtree Blvd Lane SE. There was an absolutely beautiful piece of music playing inside and the smell of burnt rubber and bananas filled the air – I couldn’t resist entering for a quick ‘session.’ Three mysterious women in robes approached me and handed me a small articulating pump (SAP) and I began my session. I was wowed by the fragrances of this place – I was getting hints of banana, and various burnt substances. Deffinately check out Bartholomew’s if you haven’t already!

  1. The Georgia Urination Station – 989 Airport Frontage Rd SW

Ok – let’s be honest – you already knew this place was going to be on the list! It goes without saying that the GUS is considered by many to be the gold standard of urination stations. GUS has been open for nearly a decade now and is a true classic. The recent incident at the GUS that made national headlines certainly does not detract from the experiences I’ve had there and I will continue to visit it on a regular basis. I reached out to the infamous owner/operator of the GUS, Billy Bob Thornton, and asked him how he felt about the recent tragic incident which occurred there. He declined to comment.

  1. 5th Street Urination Station 66 5th st NW

Fifth street has been a favorite of mine for years and I’ve always considered it my little secret. There are only 6 of us who use this station and I almost left it off the list to keep it that way! However – it really deserves to be used more by the community. My favorite thing about fifth street – the pipes are always clean and very nice looking.

  1. Big Mike’s Chamber 1 Buckhead Station Pedestrian Bridge, Atlanta, GA 30326

Shout out to Big Mike! Big Mike has been one of the most active members of the US/DC community for years now and he is a close personal friend. Finally, Mike got the money together to open his own Chamber – and a state of the art one at that! This chamber is run by members of the US/DC community, so it has a very authentic vibe. Mike has decked out his Chamber with the newest and best rotating pumps!

Note: Toilet pictured NOT used for urination or defecation!



  1. Stan Garibaldi’s All-in-One Self Service Urination Station and Defecation Chamber (SGAIOSSUSADC) 424 West Paces Ferry Rd NW

 Known to locals as just “Garibaldi’s” or “SGAIOSSUSADC” this all – in – one station/chamber tops our list as Atlanta’s number 1 station AND chamber. Garibaldi’s started in the 1950’s as a local children’s club. Hundreds of children would gather at Garibaldi’s, play with small green balls, and eat ice cream. During the 1960’s and 70’s when children’s clubs began to fall out of fashion, Garibaldi’s re-branded as a Defecation Chamber – then later in the 90’s, when Urination Stations became all the rage, Garibaldi decided to cater to both those who prefer Chambers and those with a propensity towards stations. One fun fact about Garibaldis is that the central Drilling Pump, affectionately reffered to as “ol’ Bessy” has been continuously pumping every day for 26 years! We hope Ol’ Bessy will continue to pump for years to come!



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  • jeff says...

    ill never forget playing with the small green balls at garibaldis as a young boy. The extreme volume of the main drilling pump there made me deaf and unable to taste enriched macaroni products but its all good! great memories!

    On November 09, 2016

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