Breathers is a three piece electronic outfit based in Atlanta Georgia. They are comprised of Lee Gunselman, Mike Netland, and Jake Thomson. Their sound is immediate and urgent. Hyper textural synthesizers weave about, all while being steadily held together by driving and unwavering rhythms, of which there is a syncopation that harkens back to the golden days of the birth of not just synthesized music but electronics in general. Not just in the arrangements, but lyrically, there is a certain unbridled and pure imaginative approach towards the machines that Gunselman, Thomson, and Netland use which instills a feeling of whimsicality in the listener.

The story of the band is one as old as time. The three met while working at a septic tank removal company in Atlanta, Ga. While performing maintenance inside a particularly large tank, the guys became trapped. For days, they screamed but no one came to their aid. Starving and severely dehydrated, Gunselman remembered something: he had a pair of Gargon’s crystals in his back pocket. He grabbed the crystals and quickly shouted Bartholomew’s incantation. Lord Gargon appeared and offered the guys a deal. Gargon would free them on one condition - that they spend the rest of their days producing music and traveling the world performing it. There was a catch though; all of the music must adhere to the strict and rigorous “Gargon’s Code,” the most unforgiving aspect of which includes that “all songs must preach one of the central tenants of Lord Gargon’s message.” However torturous this must be for the band, I for one am happy that this sacred negotiation occurred. It means we are going to be seeing a lot more Breathers in the future - watch out for these guys, "they’ve got Gargon on their side!"